The Werewolf

"She-Wolf" by Jackson Pollock.  A wild and crazy representation of a wolf.

Rhea is a werewolf, a human with the power and curse of changing into a wolf, whether at will, or against it. When she changes, she is not an ordinary wolf, but one of great physical strength, stamina, exceptionally intelligent, and with no fear of humans or guns. At the time, her greatest emotions are confusion, fear, and savage blood-lust.

It is important to realize that the wolf does not "take over her mind." When she is transformed, the wolf and Rhea are the same, sharing the same identity. Her personality and reason isn't lost, or submerged; it is only changed, just like her body.

This change can happen at any time, but there are certain things which make it more likely: she is more likely to change at night, under a full moon, when in danger, or when fighting. Any raising of the hackles, any aggressive or defensive behaviour, can bring on the change.

When changed, Rhea's most animal instincts take over: when faced with conflict, her only options are to fight or flee. Attempting to, in any way, prevent her suppress her instinctive reaction, is very taxing.

Silver deals vicious damage to werewolves in their wolf forms: it is almost as if their flesh were trying to escape contact with the metal, and flees before it.

The wolf into which a werewolf changes is not a normal wolf. It is much larger, stronger, vicious, and solitary than a normal wolf.

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The picture, werewolf.jpeg, top, is "She-Wolf" by Jackson Pollock. So far as I am aware, it is in the Public Domain.

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