"Portrait of a Young Venetian Woman" by Albrecht Durer.  A portrait of an attractive young woman; she has a bit of fire in her eyes.

You are a child of the forest and the night; there is wolf in you just as there is man, you are both and yet more than either. To you is given a heritage more profound and noble than even that of your siblings; you are the protector of the forest, her guardian, you shield her from the ravages of man. Every little time she dies, you die a little too.

Shut up in boarding school, concrete and concrete and steel and brick, never was there a time in your life more distressing than this. "Why," you asked, "why, why do this? Why create this artifice of steel and blood and man, when people are no happier for it?" Slowly you learnt that the same fate was destined for the entire world.

But here, here you can stop it. This land is yours; this land is ours. It belongs to the family Hearthstone, and when you head that family, it will become the most powerful tool ever to be wielded against those who would defile the Earth. Your siblings must understand that; they must understand that you are a member of two families, as much a child of father sun and mother moon as your biological parents.

Murder is not your way. To kill for gain and not for sustenance, to kill a brother or a sister, is inimical to both wolf and human in you. But unfortunately for them, unfortunately for you, you must be more than either wolf or human.

An explanation of what a werewolf is in Cairn Hill.

A black-and-white photograph showing Rhea; she looks proper and kind.

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The picture, rhea1.jpeg, top, is a focus from "Portrait of a Young Venetian Woman" by Albrecht Durer; and the picture, rhea2.jpeg, just above, is a family photograph. So far as I am aware, the first is in the Public Domain; the second is certainly in the Public Domain, since I put it there.

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