The Changeling

Sometimes, fae will steal away the babies of humans, and put in their place faerie children. Their motives in doing so are not known to mankind. Within a year, at the very latest, the switch is reversed, and the faerie child is kidnapped, while the human is replaced. Such children are called Changelings. Only in very exceptional cases are the parents or child aware of what has occurred.

Very, very rarely, this procedure will be interrupted before completion. In such a case, the faerie child is left to mature in human society, and human child lives out its life amongst the fae.

Morgan is a faerie Changeling; she is not, in fact, of any blood-relation to the Hearthstone family at all... she is not even of the same species. She is, however, completely unaware of this fact (and because of this, I'll pass over the matter only very cursorily here, so as not to reveal too much which should remain hidden).

Like all fae, Morgan's mind and body can change very rapidly to accomodate for changes in environment. She can also learn to, to a degree, effect this change internally.

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