"Portrait of Ginevra Benci" by Leonardo da Vinci.  A portrait of Morgan; she looks very haughty.

The world is entering a new stage; and there is something in the air, a sense of general collapse, a stink, to put it bluntly.Beauty, nobility, privelege; all these things are disappearing, under a vast, plebeian swell.Grand places, grand ideas, and grand families are disappearing; everything is becoming mediocre mearly.They clamour in on all sides, choking you with their sweat.The stench of it is on you, too, now; it has pervaded even the Hearthstone estate.It was then, when you could smell it from your own garden, that you knew something must be done.

And you will do something; you, and the family.For you are first-born: it is to you that the power and majesty of the Hearthstone name naturally falls.Father ails, and he will die, soon, very soon.The pillars of the old world crumble before your very eyes.You must replace him; you must support the edifice, as much as you are able.None of the others see the gathering darkness, the chaos of the coming years.Only you can bulwark the region against it; and you can only do that with the family behind you.The power, the responsibility, they fall to you, and you alone; you must take it up.And you will; your resolve is iron, now.It is time for a regeneration.

An explanation of what a changeling is.

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The picture, morgan1.jpeg, above, is a focus from "Portrait of Ginevra Benci" by Leonardo da Vinci. So far as I am aware, it is in the Public Domain.

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