This section holds a lot of the content for my game. It is similar to the mechanics section, but different; to put it simply, this page holds a "world", while the mechanics page holds the methods by which I'm translating that world into a video game. The characters section could conceptually be classified as "content", but I chose to separate them as the characters are important enough to the game to stand on their own.

Here's the story of the game, in a nutshell, as told by an elderly member of Neath. Sort of sums up the mood of the game, too; a good introduction.

A spoiler detailing the grand plot of the game, particularly the back-story. As I said, this is a spoiler, which means it contains things the PC (i.e., your character) won't know at the beginning of the game.

A map of the game world.

Here's a story I've written for Cairn Hill; it's called Fire. Mostly, it's designed to give a little bit of an idea about the relationships between the children in Cairn Hill.

The magic section is half content, half mechanics. It does contain the "cosmology" of the game, and an explanation of some of its mystic structures.


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