"Self Portrait in a Fur-Collared Robe" by Albrecht Durer.  A picture of an intent, almost psychotic man, with long, scraggly hair.  He looks a little like the popular conception of Jesus.

Lucifer: that's what they called you upon your birth - the Light-Bearer, Light-Bringer, Morning-Star. The bright, morning, star, last to be snuffed out by the sun, prince of light, prince of darkness.

The others no longer listen to you, not since the fire, not since before the fire. But that is all right, you have others to listen to you now, still others, others who care what you say, who care about you, who care about your soul. The puppet-masters they are, the angels and devils, a-pulling their strings and making poor Lucifer twitch and dance like a marionette. When the still more others at school called you Lucy (they were mocking you) you said "not so I say if I am a woman I am to be called Marianne as in marionette" and then the others said you were crazy and you said you were crazy and then the little schoolboys stopped bothering you and they the teachers talked to you and then you had to go home. But the puppet-masters do not know you; they do not know that you are stronger than you let on and you will soon be pulling their strings. The others, the brother-others and sister-others, do not know that you are stronger than you let on; they call you mad because of the fire in your eyes and the ashes on your hands and you are mad but soon so will we all be mad.

They will listen to you when you are in charge of the family; and you will be because you will be smarter; the puppet-masters say so and tell you so and it is time for the good little marionette to do as he is told until it is time to cut the strings which hold him; and no one even knows that you have the scissors, and when they do know it will be too late.

An explanation of what a homunculus is.

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The picture, lucifer1.jpeg, above, is a focus from "Self Portrait in a Fur-Collared Robe" by Albrecht Durer. So far as I am aware, it is in the Public Domain.

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