The Revenant

To put it simply, and bluntly, Betty has come back from the dead.

Betty was still-born, which, unfortunately, was not entirely uncommon at the turn of the century. The funeral was to be had at dawn; the dead child was left downstairs in the basement. The family was awokened early in the morning by the sound of crying, and found the baby quite alive, and hungry, just where they had left it, despite the fact that it had assuredly been dead for at least three hours.

There was no simple "switch", no scientific explanation, and, so far as Zosimus could discover, no signs of magical resuscitation. The event remains a complete mystery.

[ I'll write more here, but it would make sense to first write some background on the broader subject, which I'll be doing as soon as I get around to it.]

At any rate, it seems to have had some direct and certain repercussions for Betty. These include the following.

In-game effects:

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