These are the statistics that are used in Cairn Hill. You may wonder what they're doing here, and why you should bother looking through them; so would I. Do as you like.


Gross motor control, used for most major physical actions, like running, jumping, punching, dodging, and so on.
Raw attractiveness, though not necessarily physical; can take many different forms depending on with which skill it is paired.
Fine motor control, used for minor physical actions, such as firing a gun, drawing, certain magic, and many other such applications.
Willpower; a combination of physical and mental perseverance; your ability to ignore pain, fatigue, etc.
Problem-solving ability, raw smarts; ability to understand, read books, play chess, and so on.
The strength of your five senses; determines how well you notice things, use ranged weapons, etc.
Strength; your ability to inflict and weather damage, lift things, and the like.
Your ability to think well quickly; covers, among other things, the ability to fast-talk, and swiftness of action in combat.

Magical Spheres

The spheres are not described here; however, each sphere name serves as a link to the appropriate page in the magic section.

Spirit magic.
Arcane mysticism.
The manipulation and destruction of systems.
Control of abstract forms.
Transferance of motion.
Relational magic.


Indicates the character's knowledge in a wide range of fields of study: science, history, classical study; pretty much anything which could fit on a school's curriculum and is not covered better by another skill.
Quasi-mystical, quasi-scientific skill in identifying and transmuting matter; many practical applications, including healing potions, gunpowder, and many (particularly Cabala) spells.
Skill in all kinds of media, from pen and paper to brush and paper to torture as an art form.
Ability to whoop it up and have a good time, and make sure others do so as well.
Ability to assert oneself; to command others and expect to be obeyed; leadership.
Specifically, social grace; knowledge of etiquette and social convention; ability to ingratiate oneself.
Ability to perceive clues and interrogate.
Ability to deceive others and take actions to manipulate situations covertly.
Knowledge of all things mechanized; repair and creation of weapons, operation of machinery.
Melee Weapons
Your ability to fight with hand-to-hand weapons of any kind.
Your knowledge of the supernatural and occult world; while this skill is distinct from academics, there is some overlap, and so a character can always roll half of his academics score in place of occult, if that is higher.
Ranged Weapons
Attacking from a distance, be it with guns, rocks, or some kinds of magic.
Ability to move unnoticed, steal, and cover one's tracks.
Your ability to fight without any weapons; also determines dodging ability.
Determines the degree to which you can thrive in the wilderness (in this game, actually important).

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