License Information (sort of)

I release to the Public Domain all the work I have done on Cairn Hill, without exception. That means I have no more right to anything in it than any of you do: it's completely and utterly free in every regard.

To my knowledge, everything currently on this web-site is Public Domain. This includes all images and text. If you see something up here that isn't, please, please e-mail me at, and I'll make sure to remove it. The creator and title of any images I use is contained at the bottom of the page in which I use them. If there's no such information, again, please e-mail me.

The game's open-source; you can find the source, along with the game, in the download section. Most of the libraries I use, while also open-source, are covered by the GPL or LGPL, rather than being pure Public Domain. I'll give you more information when I get around to it; right now, there's nothing to download anyway, so it's moot. Sorry.

Ah, the nice thing about being philanthropic is that, in this case, at least, it's a lot less work. Very little messy legal mumbo-jumbo.


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