Technical Glossary

Here I just define a couple of technical terms that are worth knowing for those who don't. None of these are specific to Cairn Hill; they are all general computer or gaming terms (though I may use them in specific ways).

Short for Role-Playing Game, in this case specifically those on a computer. A computer RPG is probably best defined as a game in which the player controls a small number of characters, who advance in statistical power over the course of the game. Not the best definition, but it will do.
Short for Player Character. A character in an RPG whom the player (i.e., you) directly controls. In the case of Cairn Hill, the PC is whichever of the Hearthstone children you happen to be.
Short for Non-Player Character, a character in a game whom the player does not directly control. All the characters in the game who are not PCs are NPCs.


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