Did you know that the proper plural of forum is fora? I think more people should start using it. Not that I mean to be pedantic, or anything, I just think it's an wonderful-sounding word, and is being unfairly neglected.

Anyway, please feel free, please feel encouraged, even, to browse through and post to the Cairn Hill forum, kindly provided by SourceForge. It's really SourceForge who's running it, so it's not quite as user-friendly as I might like (not that I'm not grateful).

I'd recommend logging in to SourceForge before you post, but that's by no means required. I'd prefer it if you signed your posts if not logged in, but if you want to make a truly anonymous post, you should feel free to do that.

I don't really expect a huge "community" to develop; I just think that the forum might be a good way to exchange information and ideas with people interested in Cairn Hill. I want to create a game that's entertaining, and the more feedback I get, the easier that is to do. So, thanks for whatever input you decide to give.


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